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New Homepage Design

We are excited to unveil the design for LR’s new homepage. To get this point, we have carried forward what we have learned through each stage in the redesign project so far.

  1. Content Strategy – We started with an approved content strategy. Through our content strategy work, we identified more than 15 different content types.
  2. Design Exploration – Content strategy work informed our design exploration, which set the design direction (visual language) for the new website.
  3. Component Library – We create a large number of components in our component library to serve all of our different content types.
  4. Interior Templates – We created more than 14 interior templates that are strategically used to help arrange content in the component library to serve the purpose of pages. The interior template work informs what we are doing with the homepage since we’ve put a lot of thought into the content types and components used throughout the rest of the site.

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Interior Template Designs

We are excited to share with you a sampling of some interior template designs for the new website. With these designs, you can really start to see the new look for the LR website coming together.

Templates create context by strategically combining and arranging components to support the overall purpose of a page, e.g., high-level landing page, standard page, programs, courses, news and event articles, faculty and staff biography, etc.

In the page designs you see the overall structure and organization of the components within specific page templates.

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Component Library Designs

In a previous post, I shared the initial design explorations for the new website that included both design elements (purposeful elements that are the foundational building blocks of a design system, e.g., color, iconography, typography, etc.) and design patterns (functional and repeatable configurations of elements that perform specific functions through user interaction (buttons, inputs, dropdowns, etc.).

In this post, you will find designs for the various components that will be seen throughout the new website. Components convey meaning by combining patterns to support specific content types, e.g., carousels, menus, accordions, media types, content featurettes, etc.

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