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Digital Marketing & Advertising

Incredibly important to LR’s Digital Footprint, the university’s website is just one component of our digital strategy. The LR website serves as our information and transactional hub and as our most important marketing and communications vehicle.

A poor visitor experience can hurt websites in numerous ways, including turning away prospective students and donors because the website is difficult to use, doesn’t communicate our brand or isn’t set up with calls to action that request visitors’ information at the point when they are most interested in LR (aka conversions).

Another important component of a strong digital strategy is digital marketing and advertising.

Digital advertising is an effective strategy for increasing brand awareness of LR, our programs and our priorities. Instead of depending solely on prospective students finding us by visiting our website, we get our information in front of them on the websites and services they regularly visit or at the top of search results when they are looking for specific keywords.

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LR’s Digital Footprint

The LR website is just one component of the university’s digital footprint. It serves as an important hub for university marketing and communications to our many audiences, including prospective and current students and parents, alumni, faculty and staff, donors and friends, the media and general public.

Our audiences learn about LR and transact with the university across our digital footprint. A consistent and positive representation of our brand is essential to our bottom line and in raising the university’s regional and national profile.

When we think about the redesign of, we are not just referring to our website. All components of our digital footprint must work together to present a cohesive brand experience since any single component can be the basis for our audiences’ initial introduction, impressions and feelings toward the LR brand.

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